New Graduate Survival Guide

What I wish I knew before I graduated

Your professors have taught you many things. They gave you an excellent academic background in your chosen area of study. It's now time to go out in to the workforce.

As you enter the workforce, you may find it a bit overwhelming. There are so many new things that you'll encounter. Employee benefits, the need to network, the possibility of job loss... This course will help prepare you for your new experiences in the workforce.

Prerequisites: none

Duration: 30 minutes of video instruction

Your Instructor

Debbie Smith
Debbie Smith

Debbie is an accomplished software architect, mentor, and leader with a reputation for having a unique blend of strong technical, operational and mentoring skills.

"Debbie has been an excellent mentor and guide to me through the early years of my career. Debbie is very technically adept, detail-oriented and a great software architect to work with. I've always been impressed with her ability to look at the bigger picture and make sound technical/business decisions. She's extremely talented and a great fit for any team."

Debbie is passionate about mentoring software teams to continually advance and harnessing the full potential of young talent. She is a continuous-improvement advocate who is often consulted for advice on team building, development processes, and software architecture.

You can find Debbie on the web, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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